David C. Jory

President & Founder, Capitol Hill Consulting Group.

David managed Dan at Capitol Hill Consulting Group, Washington, D.C.

Of late, Dan has worked for my firm in the government relations arena. While here, he has handled a variety of tasks, including attending lobbying meetings on Capitol Hill advocating to extend the research and development tax credit and attended seminars on subjects as diverse as the Affordable Care Act and the outcome of this fall’s mid-term elections. His reporting on complicated subjects has been uniformly clear, understandable, and, something even more unique today, presented with good grammar and spelling. He also has the ability to use social media and technology to best advantage, not as a novelty, but as important communications tools. Dan is first to work in the morning and leads by example, always a good model for younger staff to follow. I recommend him highly and would be happy to speak to any possible employers about his qualities.

John Olynick

Community Impact Manager at St. John United Way

John managed Dan at Shawnee Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America

I had the pleasure of working with Dan on my staff in the late 1990's. Dan was nearly always the one who met his goals first, was well liked by staff and volunteers alike, was a very successful fundraiser, and a pleasure to work with. I was disappointed when he accepted a promotion away from Kentucky as I knew I was unlikely to find anyone with his talents to replace him.

Sheryl Garner

3rd Grade Teacher, DC Scholars: Stanton Elementary School

Sheryl was with another company when working with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

For the past 3 years, Dan Mullin has consistently tutored groups of my 3rd grade students. Each week he would take the selected groups and effectively engage them in a lesson which excited my scholars who needed more enriching math lessons. It has been inspiring to watch my students' enthusiasm to learn after working with Dan. The population in which he has been tutoring is 100% African-American and who receive free breakfast and lunch. Despite the external challenges, Dan has worked hard and has helped many boys and girls at Stanton Elementary School excel. Through our work together, I know that he would be excellent for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Operations Director for DC and Maryland position.

Amy L. Schisler

Attorney at Law Office of Amy Long Schisler

Amy reported to Dan at WTNR AM / FM Radio Station

I worked for Dan at the radio station the summer I graduated from high school in 1989 and in 1990-1991. I was very young, and Dan saw my potential and encouraged me to excel. I was the Account Executive for the radio station. My job was to sell air (time spots), as well as fill in for on-air personnel. Dan was a wonderful mentor and managed the radio station both effectively and efficiently. Under Dan's ownership and management, the radio station thrived. I would recommend Dan Mullin to any position of management without hesitation.

Brian Steger

Scout Executive/CEO at Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Brian managed Dan indirectly at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Dan has enjoyed many successes as a Professional Scouter. These successes are due to his organizational skills as well as his ability to relate to a diverse audience. Dan connects with others, like minded or not, to create a positive environment where all have a chance to benefit.

Kevin Bradley

Development Director

Kevin reported to Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Dan was my direct supervisor. He is very knowledgeable, supportive and consistent. Dan helped me grow into my position and we had a lot of success together. He is also very goal oriented and exceeds expectations.

Mardia Dennis

Professional Fund-Raiser

Mardia reported to Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Dan Mullin served as my direct supervisor during my tenure at the BSA.  Dan is a tremendously motivating and resourceful leader.  He constantly challenged our team to meet and exceed goals by encouraging creative thinking and providing strategic ideas to tackle problems.  Dan is a fair and positive leader and will be an asset to any organization. His coaching and leadership allowed me to better understand community development and cultivate the skills necessary to become an outstanding fundraising professional.Because of Dan's demonstrated commitment to wholesome youth programs for our local communities, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs. I have become more philanthropic in my personal endeavors as I personally support the program through the annual Pierre Garçon (of the Washington Redskins) fundraising event party for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

Patrick Sterrett

Scout Executive at Crossroads of America Council

Patrick managed Dan directly at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
I had the pleasure of working with Dan during my time at National Capital Area Council. Dan is a tremendously hard worker. He is mission-oriented, trustworthy, loyal, friendly and helpful. Dan is a follow through guy. You can count on him to deliver on what he says he will do. Dan would be a great addition to any team.

Daniel A. Witt

President at International Tax and Investment Center

Daniel A. was with another company when working with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

It is with great pleasure to serve as a reference for Dan Mullin whom I have known and work with for the past 8 years. I worked closely with Dan when he was the District Executive of the Boy Scouts of America in Washington, DC. I served with him as the Chairman of the District. Dan is a first class professional. I know of few people with his dedication, loyalty and honesty. He is an Eagle Scout and each day he personifies this. He is hard working, goal oriented, and a leader. His job with the BSA required a unique skill set as he interacted in the poorest parts of Washington, DC and also the K Street corridor with business leaders and Capitol Hill with members of Congress. Dan was able to successfully interact with all groups and deliver results. I've seen few people who can blend the skills of a social worker, community organizer, fundraisers, a role model to young men as Dan. Without any reservation I give Dan the highest recommendation and would be happy to further discuss Dan's abilities and how he may contribution to your organization. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information or have questions.

Julia Irving

Community Outreach Coordinator at Metropolitan Police Department

Julia was with another company when working with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

A gentle spirit, Mr. Mullin is a task oriented person willing to engage and provide exciting and exploratory programming for youth residing in disconnected and financially challenging communities. Always available to brainstorm solutions to challenges, Mr. Mullin eagerly assisted in enhancing our outreach efforts in the Sixth District through scouting opportunities, volunteerism, sound equipment management, and physical activities promoting team building and inner personal development. A silent and thoughtful leader who leads best by example.

Daniel Anderson

Assistant Scout Executive/COO at East Texas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Daniel worked with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

I had the pleasure of serving as a peer with Dan at the National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America from 2008-2013.  We worked collaboratively on a number of projects, including some innovative new ideas for fundraising, new and engaging programs that promoted both institutional identity and youth fitness, and operational efficiencies. Dan's sense of mission and commitment to success made him an ideal teammate.  He was also tremendously supporting of initiative I led and acted admirably as leader on his own projects.  He has an innate ability to promote an inclusive atmosphere that reaches all races, classes, experience levels and interests.  Now in hindsight of our cooperative projects, I realize that Dan made an outstanding impact on my leadership development as well as shaping my vision on candidate profiles.  Whether engaging in board-level fundraising or grassroots operations, Dan Mullin is committed to building stronger communities through a stronger business.

Randolph Modlin COL, MC, USA, retired

Cardiologist at The Greenbrier Clinic, White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia

Randolph reported to Dan at Goshen Scout Camps, National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

During my summers as a teenager, Dan Mullin and I worked together for several years at Goshen Scout Camps, conducting courses of leadership development for older Boy Scouts.  As my staff leader, Dan led our team in a collaborative style that impacted the youth with great results in leadership and team building skills. Dan has a unique ability to connect with teenagers of all ages and backgrounds, and inspire them to pursue lofty goals. From my perspective as a staff member, Dan encouraged creative ideas in program improvement and inspired the best contributions from each staff member. The lessons I learned during those summers, under Dan's direction, have helped me immeasurably during my career in the Army Medical Corps.  The focus on collaborative leadership, teamwork, and bringing out the best in each individual has served me well in a variety of leadership positions throughout my career in military medicine.

Cheryl MacLeod Noveh McClure

Former program director, K Bar B Youth Ranch, Broadway, Inc., Lacombe, Louisiana

Cheryl worked with Dan at K Bar B Youth Ranch, Lacombe, Louisiana

Dan and I worked together at the K Bar B Youth Ranch providing a safe, fun residential program for boys and girls who needed some structure and guidance.  As program manager, Dan encouraged all the staff to be innovative in planning interesting opportunities for sports and recreation and field trips that were fun and inspiring for academic success.  He was constantly on the lookout for talented community experts who could enlighten our youth with new skills, knowledge and future career opportunities.  Through the Red Cross Lifesaving courses he conducted at our pool, several youth participants were able to get their first jobs as lifeguards.  He helped to create an environment for the boys and girls, filled with safe opportunities to have fun, discover new interests and gain new skills, while learning valuable life lessons of respecting others and getting along with peers and adults.

Donnie L. Shaw

Director of Community Relations at YMCA of Metropolitan Washington

Donnie L. was with another company when working with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Dan Mullin and I are active in the Washington, DC Rotary Club.  Dan has been active in our Rotary Tutor program at Stanton Elementary School for the past 4 years, as well as in our Dictionary distribution program to all 3rd graders in DC. He was also a YMCA Lifeguard Course Instructor at the Lee Circle YMCA in New Orleans.

Larry Bucksbarg

Retired Home Depot Vice President-Store Operations, Mid South

Larry managed Dan directly at The Home Depot, Gretna, Louisiana

I've had the pleasure of working with Dan Mullin at Home Depot. Dan was the Dept. Mgr. of the Hardware Dept. Dan's duties were to hire and train employees, give product knowledge classes to employees and customers, check for inventory outs and order inventory. First and foremost task for Dan and his employees was CUSTOMER SERVICE. DROP EVERYTHING THEY WERE DOING AND TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER. Lots of companies have forgotten about Customer Service. That's why Home Depot has been so successful. Dan with his leadership skills would be an asset for any company.

Monica Boner

Strategic Business Development at Secor Group

Monica was with another company when working with Dan at National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Dan and I are both Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Washington, DC. He's an enthusiastic volunteer and devoted to the Club's Stanton Elementary School in Southeast Washington tutoring program and our citywide distribution of dictionaries to third grade students. I'm impressed with his quiet dedication and genuine interest in helping our youth.