Aflac customers in the DC area have had an incredible experience with our service. We're proud to stand behind it and support our businesses wherever and whenever we are needed. Here is what some of Alfac's customers in the Washington, DC area have had to say.

Carl W. Jackson

The purpose of this letter is to provide a customer's perspective on the quality of customer service provided by both Aflac and the personnel who manage the claims submitted from the City of Richmond.

In my particular case, I filed my Aflac short-term disability insurance policy claim late on a Thursday afternoon and I immediately received confirmation of my submission from your office.The following Tuesday, you had contacted my department's payroll manager inquiring about base pay and confirming the dates of my absence. I received a benefit check from Aflac less than a week later. This was, in my opinion, very fast, competent and professional service.

For the past 14 years, my position within the Department of Fire and Emergency Services has me responsible for overall payroll supervision. From that vantage point, I have observed the interaction of Aflac personnel with the firefighters from this department and I am notably impressed. I cannot recall a single incident when actions on the part of Aflac caused anyone to be delayed in receiving their insurance benefits or other significant problems.

Simply put, both Aflac and its insurance agents (most notably Ms. Adams and Ms. Burgos) provide an excellent service and do it in an efficient and effective manner.

Carl W. Jackson, Staff Battalion Chief
Chief of Administration
Richmond Fire and Emergency Services

Cathleen Murphy

I have had the Aflac accident insurance policy for a while now, thank God!

My first accident I slipped and broke my ankle! My health insurance deductible hadn’t kicked in yet, so I had to pay that up front.

Well, then Aflac sent me a benefit check a week or two later!!! That check really helped me out!

Then just last year I broke my wrist! This time, Aflac paid me almost all of the money I owed from my deductible and they also paid for 10 rehab sessions!!! I ended up paying much less for each session instead of what it normally would have cost!! Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to do all those sessions and I would not have healed as well as I did!

I am truly happy I have the accident plan!

I also have the Aflac dental insurance plan - for those of you who don't have good dental coverage, please think about applying for the Aflac dental plan, as it covers almost everything! I use this plan ALL the time!!!!

Thank you Aflac!!!
Cathleen Murphy

Gwendolyn Graves

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer less than a year after I applied for the Aflac cancer insurance policy.

It came in handy because due to this debilitating disease, he was no longer able to effectively run his business.

The claims process was so easy. I had to pinch myself.

The insurance agents were so helpful, caring and patient. They made the experience easy. Watching a loved one deteriorate is hard, but having Aflac makes the claims process easy.

What a blessing!

Gwendolyn Graves

Miyoung Kim

Hello all,

I’d like to thank Aflac for all the help I received with filing a claim on my Aflac hospital indemnity insurance policy. I just received a benefit check from Aflac. Applying for this policy is the best thing that I have done.

The check is helping to save me from having credit card debt to pay for outof-pocket expenses. Another good thing is that I submitted only one claim form via fax, but it looks like all three of my policies paid me cash. This is great.

Thank you very much!

Web/Online Developer

Rose Clifton

I always have good experiences with Aflac. The response time is always good and the company sends my benefit check in a timely manner when I file claims – it’s never delayed. 

I usually receive my payment within a week ‐‐ usually sometimes in 3‐4 days. 

Rose Clifton 

Deborah Vance

Aflac has been wonderful to me. I have never had a problem with Aflac. You all have been prompt. The courtesy that Aflac has shown me is remarkable, which means a lot to me. 

The promptness of Aflac in getting my claims paid is unlike any other. 

I would have to say depending on the type of claim it may take two weeks for my claims to be processed. 

My Aflac insurance agent helps me filing claims. I never have to process the claims by myself;  he is always there for us.


Even if I have questions they’re really good about answering my questions and getting the  forms for me. 

 Deborah Vance